Cole's Trane

Cole's Trane

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The "COLE'S TRANE" candle pays homage to saxophonist John Coltrane. His creation of "A Love Supreme" changed the landscape of jazz when it was released. Many musicians labeled this album "perfect", even hip-hop great J. Cole. A citrus inspired candle that leaves you invigorated and energized. 

With notes of: Lime, Coconut, Vanilla, Berries, Verbena, and White Grapes.

Approximate Burn Time: 60+ Hours

Size: 14oz.

Customer Reviews

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Joy Benton

I found your company via Instagram and I’m in love! Your candles have been added to my rotation and I can’t wait to experience them all!!

Remarkable Quality and Kindness

I ordered the Cole’s Trane candle for my sister who lives in another county than myself, and after receiving a thoughtful thank you email from the owner, I shared my inspiration behind my purchase. Without any prompting, the owner wrote a thoughtful handwritten note for my sister and included it in the package with her candle. It was so very thoughtful and one of the many reasons I will order from Olphactory again!

Music for My Nose

I was in my office listening to Sade when my candles were delivered. I purchased "Interlude" and Cole's Trane". Since I was in a mellow mood, I lit the Cole's Trane. In less than an hour my office had pleasant scent that wafted into the hallway. It was very pleasing. We love jazz and clean well designed candles so these are perfect for my home. I highly recommend. I will definitely purchase again.

Smells Great

One of my favorite scents. Has a great throw, fills the living room.

Megan Moffett
It smells amazing

These candles are amazing! The smell fills the entire house, and the notes in Cole Train are so relaxing. I will always purchase from here.