"A Love Supreme", by John Coltrane. The legendary jazz album that transformed my life. The first time those notes from "Trane's" saxophone resonated through my ears, this heart of mine followed. I fell in love, DEEPLY IN LOVE. It wasn't a physical love, it was on a much deeper level. A SPIRITUAL LOVE. My heart clamored for MORE. More jazz, more trumpets, more drums, more bass, more trombones, and more piano. Jazz made me feel whole and full of life. The things Coltrane did with that saxophone were auditory bliss. I spent countless nights listening to jazz and in those quiet moments, I recognized and appreciated the creative genius of our jazz legends. I also enjoy this new era of artists who exude the same ingenuity and bravado as Coltrane. Jazz satisfies my hunger for what is real, refreshing and renewing about the music, which is its radiance and mood. Jazz has always been my "mood music". What better way to set the mood than dark rooms illuminated by flickering candles and jazz music? I'm captivated by sophisticated fragrances, which have the tendency to impact mood in more ways than one. What better way to pair two of the things I absolutely love. TIMELESS JAZZ and LUXURY FRAGRANCES.


I present to you, OLPHACTORY CANDLES, "An Ode to Jazz, Thru Wax".