Zulu Embers

Zulu Embers

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The "ZULU EMBERScandle commands your attention while exuding strength and an unmistakable ruggedness. These embers from your internal fire are inextinguishable and call you to continue on your path to greatness while bringing spice to your senses.


With notes of: Patchouli, Smoke, Leather, Cumin, Musk, SuedeCedar Leaf, Spice, and Anise.

Approximate Burn Time: 60+ Hours

Size: 14oz.

Customer Reviews

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Smells amazing!

The fragrance is gentle but the double wick helps fill the room with the light scent! Definitely recommend Zulu Embers.


These candle smelled amazing!

Love it

I got the Zulu Embers less than a week ago and it's almost burned down to the core. It smells amazing. This is my second purchase and I'll be back for more.

Scared to buy online...

Discovered by going to my boss’ house, they had Zulu Embers burning the fragrance called me like vanilla bean ice cream and peach cobbler!

I had to buy!! I knew I wanted Zulu but want to get another scent.

I was sooooo skeptical to buy candles online, w/o experiencing the fragrance In person?? Grrrr... so I reached out to the customer service team. The welcoming team member really cared about making the right selection, they asked what scents I enjoy, my mood, etc... they told me to try Nior Vanguard, boy was I impressed!

Candles were beautifully and securely packaged. I like Nior Vanguard better then the Zulu Embers! NV is like being kissed by a tall, dark, handsome man under the soft sounds of rain in an enchanted forest with sprinkles of sugar coating exotic flowers... it’s my FAVORITE fragrance by far!

The wax burns evenly, as I trim my candles. Even without burning, the are well fragrant as it sits in my bedside table.

They are luxury candles at a better cost. Waayyy above Voluspa, Jo Malone or Capri-Blue! I would compare them to Aquiesse, Nest and Diptyque.

I signed up for a subscription and can’t wait to get my next set candles! I need to try all the scents!

These candles will now be my home’s signature scent.


This is probably my favorite candle that I've owned. So rich and soothing. Totally changes the atmosphere in your place. This is the second I've ordered. The highest quality and highly recommended.